Linolja och linoljefärg bild på trähus som ska oljas in och sedan målas bra kvalitet

Linseed oil paint and linseed oil

A family business with almost 40 years of experience in linseed oil

Oils and paints for both indoor and outdoor use

Our oils and paints are maintainable, i.e., surfaces treated with them stay durable and fine with simple maintenance measures without having to redo the work from the beginning.

Our oils

It is linseed oil from which the non-drying constituents have been removed by our unique refining method.

We produce oils with optimal viscosity and drying time for the respective impregnation of wood, polishing of wood, protection of porous stone, rust protection and for binders in our linseed oil paints. They penetrate the substrate and dry quickly through a reaction with the oxygen in the air to form linoxin, a natural polymer with good adhesion. They are non-biodegradable, water-repellent and resistant to fats, petroleum products, salts and household acids.

Our linseed oil paints

They dry excellently, are sturdy, durable and mold resistant.

We produce primers and topcoats, semi-gloss and semi-matte, white and breaking bases for breaking into the selected color on modern machines that use our breaking system.

The colors contain a lot of pigment – one brushstroke of color covers a large surface. Despite this, the viscosity is optimal as the pigment is extremely finely distributed.
The binder – linseed oil refined using our unique method – allows them to be painted with a light hand to opaque layers that dry excellently, are durable and mold resistant.

Linseed oil paint which is white semi-gloss. Suitable for all surfaces such as wood and metal

Linseed oil paint white semi-gloss

Linseed oil paints for painting on all surfaces. From wood to metal, outdoors and indoors, with brush, sprayer or roller. Machine cut to virtually any colour.

Base oil which is a drying oil used for impregnating wood

Base oil

Drying oil for wood impregnation. Make it water-repellent, dimensionally stable, rot-resistant and more bend-resistant. 100% dry substance, contains no solvent.

Linseed oil varnish is a drying oil used for polishing oil-treated wood

Linseed oil varnish

Drying oil for polishing oil-treated wood and for deep treatment of pressure-impregnated wood. Our fastest drying oil. 100% dry substance, contains no solvent.

Linoljefärg grund

Grundfärg som används innan målning med Linoljefärg halvblank/halvmatt. Den vidhäftar speciellt bra då den är särskilt fet, och den motverkar påväxt av mögel, alger och lavar.

Product picture of semi-matte linseed oil paint.

Semi-matt linseed oil paint.

Linseed oil colors for semi-matte paintings. Used on everything from wood to metal, outdoors and indoors, by brush, spray or roller. Machine cut to virtually any colour.

Floor oil which is a drying oil for parquet and wooden floors

Floor oil

Drying oil for treating and polishing parquet and wooden floors. Works inside the wood and gives a deep shine. 100% dry substance, contains no solvent.

Floor soap which is a linseed oil soap with a protective soap layer for wooden floors

Floor soap

Linseed oil soap that forms a protective layer of soap on your wooden floor. The soap dissolves as the floor is wiped with water. The soap bleaches, especially oak.

Furniture oil which is a drying oil for treatment in carpentry for noble wood

Furniture oil

Drying oil for the treatment of carpentry in noble wood. 100% dry substance. Contains no solvent.

Stone oil which is a drying oil that protects ceramics

Stone oil

Drying oil that protects ceramics, bricks, plaster, concrete and other porous stone against dirt and moisture. 100% dry substance, contains no solvent.

Anti-rust oil is a drying oil that penetrates surface structures

Rust protection oil

Drying oil that penetrates the surface structure of clean or corroded metal and prevents oxidation. Penetrates solid rust and pitting corrosion, binds rust dust. 100% dry substance, contains no solvent.

Coarse soap is a linseed oil soap that is a concentrated cleaning agent that dissolves all grease

Coarse soap

Linseed oil soap, a concentrated alkaline detergent. Dissolves all fat. Clean brushes, tools and vessels from residues of our oils and paints.

Shellac is used before painting on wood to prevent resin from discolouring the painted surface.


Applied before painting wood to seal knots and resin gaps and prevent resin from discoloring the painted surface. Consists of shellac flakes and 99.5% alcohol.

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Hyvel, sandpapper och linolja=MAGI💫 Boxen i mitten kan vändas för att få en större arbetsyta. #hyvelbänk #planerbench #carpenterbench #selderandcompany #blivandesnickerboa

Hyvel, sandpapper och linolja=MAGI💫 Boxen i mitten kan vändas för att få en större arbetsyta. #hyvelbänk #planerbench #carpenterbench #selderandcompany #blivandesnickerboa ...

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Teknologi bild på framställningsprocess av linolja


Information about what we do with the linseed oil and how we produce our oils and paints. The picture is a village in one of our process vessels.

Bild på företagets grundare Mikkel Selder

The company

The story of how Mikkel Selder came to own and manage his family business after 30 years of research, development and practice regarding linseed oil products.

Linolja Uppsala bild på Selders logotyp i mörk färg


The factory and office are located in Uppsala. However, the essentials are email and telephone.

Linseed oil Uppsala linseeds lying on the table ready to be processed and become oil

Why should you choose our oils?

Since 1984, Mikkel Selder has worked with linseed oil and since then has tested his way and developed the products that Selder & Company offers today. Our linseed oils are unique thanks to the refining process developed by Mikkel Selder himself, and the environmentally friendly oils leave an outstanding sustainable result.

Linolja i Uppsala bild på en man bakom en disk som säljer olja

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