Floor oil

Oil floors with Selder's floor oil made from linseed oil.

FLOOR OIL for treating and polishing parquet

Drying oil for treating and polishing parquet and wooden floors. Contains no solvent.

Packed in 1 liter and 5 liter tin canisters and in 200 and 1000 liter drums.

FLOOR OIL is linseed oil from which the non-drying components have been removed using our unique refining method. It penetrates the substrate and dries quickly through a reaction with the oxygen in the air to form linoxin, a natural polymer with good adhesion. It is non-biodegradable, water-repellent and resistant to fats, petroleum products, salts and household acids, e.g. lemon, wine, vinegar.
At 20 °C and good ventilation, FLOOR OIL dries within a day.
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How to use FLOOR OIL

FLOOR OIL is absorbed by the parquet or floorboards to a depth of 1.5 – 3 mm and gives the surface a deep shine that cannot be achieved with wax or synthetic oils, which only settle on the surface. Therefore, the treatment lasts until the impregnated wood layer has been worn away; in practice for decades.
Damage can be easily repaired by sanding away the damaged wood and then oil polishing the area.
Where the floor is exposed to heavy wear, shiny streaks appear over the years. They will be like new if you polish them with a polishing disc and a small amount of FLOOR OIL at room temperature.

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Instructions for use for FLOOR OIL


The work is markedly different from that of other oils.

Download the user manual in PDF.
The technical data sheet and the safety data sheet in PDF can be found under the “Data sheet” tab in the main menu.

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