Primer oil

Impregnate wood with base oil based on linseed oil.

Protective PRIMER OIL

Drying oil that makes wood water-repellent, rot-resistant, dimensionally stable and strengthens its bending strength. Contains no solvent.

Packaged in 0.25-litre, 1-litre and 5-litre tin canisters and in 200 and 1000 liter drums.

PRIMER OIL is linseed oil from which the non-drying constituents have been removed by our unique refining method. It penetrates the substrate and dries quickly through a reaction with the oxygen in the air to form linoxin, a natural polymer with good adhesion. It is non-biodegradable, water-repellent and resistant to fats, petroleum products, salts and household acids, e.g. lemon, wine, vinegar.
At 20 °C and good ventilation, GRUNDOLJA dries within a day.
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PRIMER OIL makes wood rot-resistant by making it water-repellent – rot fungi cannot grow in dry wood. Furthermore, no organism can extract nutrients from the oil.

Field tests and tests in rotting chambers show that SELDER PRIMER OIL protects wood in soil against rotting for at least 24 years.

How to use PRIMER OIL

The dimensional stability and the increased, in our experiments doubled, bending strength of wood deeply impregnated with GRUNDOLJA is due to wood forming a natural composite with linoxin.

In sunlight, the surface turns gray. The color is easily restored by rubbing in a small amount of PRIMER OIL.

Wood treated with PRIMER OIL can be glued, polished with Linseed oil varnish or painted – for the best results with Selder & Company’s linseed oil paints.

Wood can be protected with PRIMER OIL in several ways: Simpler treatment provides surface protection, with more demanding methods the oil penetrates deeper.

Video Skogshults Snickeri applies 130 °C refined Selder linseed oil.

If you have questions or other concerns regarding SELDER PRIMER OIL, you are most welcome to contact us.

Deep impregnate pine with Selder's base oil made from linseed oil.
Sample piece of pine splinter deeply impregnated with GRUNDOLJA which has been in the soil and in the soil band for 23 years, from 1994 to 2017 in the Swedish Agricultural University’s test field in Simlångsdalen. Read more under SELDER WOOD.

Instructions for use for PRIMER OIL


The work is markedly different from that of other oils.

Download the user manual in PDF.
The technical data sheet and the safety data sheet in PDF can be found under the “Data sheet” tab in the main menu.

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