Soap-treated floor from Selder

How to soap treat your wooden floor with Selder floor soap

We get a lot of questions about soap treatment of floors. We advocate a soap-treated floor because: it’s economical and friendly to the environment and also gives the floor a nice finish that is easy to maintain. It is important to remember that the floor should be dry while applying the soap, if it’s not dry there is no place for the soap to penetrate the wood.

Pour the soap onto the floor, you can use a floorbrush or a water scraper to spread the soap. Saturate the floor with soap. You will need to spread the soap on the floor because the wood may need different amounts of soap to be saturated. When the floor can’t take any more soap, it’s time to remove the excess. Then mop the floor with only cold water. Don´t wait too long to remove the soap. If it has time to dry it gets sticky. We recommend letting the soap work for 30 minutes up to an hour. Then mop until the water runs clear, it may take 6-7 moppings.

What’s so nice about a soap-treated floor from Selder is that the next time you clean, you only need a mop and a bucket of cold water, the water will dissolve the soap in the floor. It means you don’t need another cleaning agent when you have a floor treated with soap from Selder. We estimate (depending on how often you clean) that one soap treatment is enough for about 50 scrubbings before the treatment has to be repeated. This treatment is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. In the kitchen and hallway, the floor is exposed to more strain and can easily get stains, the stains are easy to remove but much more maintenance is needed.


Pinefloors that have been treated with soap become grayer over time.

Spruce floors become very bright, almost white.

Oak, elm, ash containing tannic acid will react with the soap and gets darkener but lighten after each mopping during the treatment.

Teak (outdoors) turns gray from a soap treatment.

Ashparquet treated with Selder floorsoap
Soaptreated ash parquet.
Soaptreated pine floor.