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Our linseed oils and linseed oil paints maintain high quality and leave the treated surface fine and durable

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Our oils and paints are maintainable, i.e., surfaces treated with them stay durable and fine with simple maintenance measures without having to redo the work from the beginning.

Log cabin to be oiled and repainted with linseed oil

Linseed oil

Our linseed oils are completely maintainable. You can easily ensure that surfaces treated with these continue to be durable and beautiful. This without having to redo the work from scratch.

Big red house painted with linseed oil paint from Selder and Co

Linseed oil paint

Selder linseed oil paints are durable and work both indoors and outdoors on all surfaces, from wood to metal. The colors are available as a zinc-based primer, semi-gloss and semi-matt finishing paint as well as white, A-, B- and C-base for breaking.

Floor soap which is a linseed oil soap with a protective soap layer for wooden floors

Soft soaps

In our range of soaps there are two different high-quality soaps. Selder floor soap for wooden floors and Selder coarse soap that effectively dissolves grease on different types of materials.

seal twigs with celery shellac.


Our shellac fulfills important functions before painting wood, such as sealing twigs and resin runs before painting and hiding discoloration. Selder shellac has 99.5% alcohol as solvent for the absolute best results.