Impregnera dörrar med Selders gundolja för ökad formstabilitet.



Selder & Company AB’s chairman of the board and main shareholder Mikkel Selder developed in the 1990s the Mikkel Selder method for deep impregnation of wood with the linseed oil derivative he developed, today “Impregnation oil RLO1500”.

Mikkel Selder The method involves sequences of different temperatures and pressures, through which the oil penetrates the wood and the amount of oil absorbed is controlled to the desired level.


Selder & Company AB manufactures Selder oils and linseed oil paints and licenses the Mikkel Selder Method to trusted companies.

Licensee is today
Ecotimber in Ransta AB,
Linwood AB,


With the Mikkel Selder Method

  • has spruce wood of rough dimensions impregnated to the core
  • impregnated pine sapwood has remained free from rot and insect damage since it has been in the soil and in the soil band for 23 years, from 1994 to 2017 in the Swedish University of Agriculture’s test field in Simlångsdalen.
  • impregnated sample pieces of pine have shown better resistance to rot in rotting chamber tests than the effective but currently banned rot protection agent CCA, copper-chromium-arsenic.
  • Impregnated pine rods have, in their own tests, shown twice as much bending strength as non-impregnated ones.


Impregnation oil RLO1500 consists entirely of unsaturated fatty acids of linseed oil which “dry” by forming polymers, i.e. molecular chains, with the oxygen of the air. All other constituents of the linseed oil have been removed by refining.
RLO1500 withstands the high temperatures of the autoclave, is water-repellent and non-biodegradable, i.e. cannot be assimilated by insects, fungi or microbes.
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With the Mikkel Selder Method, you can:

  • The RLO1500 oil is made to penetrate right to the core of all types of wood and timber dimensions.
  • the absorption of oil is precisely controlled; higher uptake for the most demanding applications and lower but sufficient for applications where economy is important.
  • the absorption of oil is controlled so that practically all the oil impregnates the cell walls and virtually nothing remains in the cell cavities, whereby the oxygen in the air in the cell cavities “dry” the oil.

After the impregnation, the impregnation oil RLO1500 polymerizes inside the wood with the oxygen in the air in the cell cavities of the wood and forms Selder Modified Wood, a natural composite.